Saturday, April 28, 2012

Magic Slippers Revisited

Of all the knitting patterns I have designed, one is very dear to my heart. I am talking about the Magic Slippers. This was a cute, quick pattern I designed in 2007 using what I called yarn walnuts, meaning left over sock yarn.
At the time, I did not have a baby, my children had grown, and even the youngest one was 6. But last year, on August 28, I got a very precious gift!

And this June, my oldest daughter will become a mother for the first time, and I will be a grandmother! So in  honor of my little baby boy, and my future grandson, I have just republished the Magic Slippers pattern as a free pdf on Ravelry

Friday, April 27, 2012

 A new blog! How about a burst of natural color to inaugurate it?

Color is so important for me. I love subtle colors, I love bright colors, I love all colors.