Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Love Early Mornings

The early morning hours, before the children are up, after my husband leaves for work, are a very special time for me. This is the time of the day I have for myself, when I can sit, drink a cup of coffee, hook a few rows, and enjoy the magic of the morning light.

Early in the morning is usually when I like to take pictures. There is something about the early morning light here that keeps the colors true, and gives a soft yet bright beauty to everything I photograph.

Early morning is when I write my daily blog post, sharing with you the few rows I hooked, the pictures, the sunlight. A perfect start to my day...


  1. I also the the morning light. Like you that's when I grab my camera and try to capture that light which dances so beautifully on the glass I have on my fireplace mantel.

    1. Thank you for your comment Patti. Photography is the big part of rug hooking for me. I get a lot of enjoyment from it.